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Mental Health App Resource Pooling with Dr. Jamus Lim SomethingNew collaborated with It All Starts Hear Singapore to offer text counselling to the residents of Sengkang under MP Jamus Lim. We are pleased to offer the services to mitigate and prevent mental wellbeing complications within the residential area of Sengkang. We strive to play our […]

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People’s Association Appreciation – Bukit Batok SomethingNew helped regulate the mental wellbeing of a certain group of beneficiaries from Bukit Batok Community Club’s Baking Programme catered to people with disabilities. SomethingNew found it a blessing to help offer text counselling services to the beneficiaries and their family members of the programme and will continue to […]

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National Youth Council Feature Jeremy Ho, Co-Founder of SN App, saw the need for accessible platforms which provide help and accessible resources to mental health. Together with colleague Keith Lee, they came up with an idea to develop a mobile based application called Something New, a 24/7 text counselling platform that is accessible 24/7, anonymous, […]

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Straits Time Feature On the 29th May 2022, The Straits Time featured SN App as an app that helps mental health. SN advocates the need to integrate tech into the mental wellbeing scene that will complement therapeutic processes. We strive to enhance workplace wellbeing by providing holistic interventions. Read full article