How SomethingNew helps organizations and institutions


Work with SomethingNew for your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Workplace counselling, mental wellness coaching and mental health first aid has been shown to improve employee morale and job satisfaction. You can now try something newer by achieving tailored initiatives and higher utilization rates via the assistance of our tech.

Our goal

On WMHD 2022, SomethingNew was invited to CNA’s leadership summit. We believe we have the tools to address the gaps regarding mental wellbeing workplace issues. We aim to mitigate poor utilization, poor selection of initiatives (non-tailored), and poor vendor-client communication.

Our unique data driven approch via analytic reporting

By capturing trends and usage habits anonymously and consensually, SomethingNew helps you to identify potential tailored solutions to improve your organization’s workplace culture and performance. All of which, we provide.


SomethingNew EAP offerings

Join the SomethingNew Ecosystem: your one-stop solution to achieve positive workplace culture. Featuring Text Counselling for Corporates, Face-to-face Counselling and our Bespoke Wellness Programme.

SomethingNew EAP pricing


How may I help you today?


Today I’m feeling very concerned with my career progression.

Start with our Text Counselling for Corporates (Premium Accounts). For just the price of 1 bubble tea per pax per month, a Text Counselling for Corporate (premium account) will be granted.

Accounts bought

Pricing per Account / Month


SGD 10



50 & above


Price may vary over time, Secure this original corporate discounted rate by opting for a 6-month upfront payment instead of a monthly payment.


Hello there


Hi, Derrick


What specifically are you concerned with?


Hmm, I think I am troubled by the fact that…

Why Customer choose us?


With just the price of up to 1 Bubble Tea, each employee can be provided with the luxury of a Premium SN Account per month!

Seamless onboarding and customer support

Onboarding and Registration is done individually and anonymously through our App. Users can simply key in independently the passcode that will be provided by your HR

Premium account benefits

Users will receive:

  • Priority for every text counseling chat request
  • Two 35-minute counselling chats per day
  • Consistent Quotes and Reminders
  • Quality of Life Assessment

The organization receives Quarterly Analytic Data Report which includes free consultation on how to introduce the most appropriate solutions all in the best interest for your organization

Benefits of joining
SomethingNew’s EAP


Talk facilitated by SomethingNew on how a company can come up with their own wellness initiatives

Prioritize mental well-being with SomethingNew

Allow us to offer you the most robust and holistic wellbeing models for your people which are curated by the real social service and mental health professionals.